M18 ERP Helps You Cut eCommerce Costs by

As customer base and sales volume grow,
you begin to suffer due to various limitations of your low-cost but simple webstore system.
M18-O2O is born to solve this problem,
help you to upgrade your web business to another level.


Integration with Leading eCommerce Sites

M18 ERP Seamlessly Works with


Integration with Leading Logistics Service Provider

M18 ERP Seamlessly Works with


Cut Your SKU Management Costs up to 85%

Without M18 ERP

Without M18 ERP

The same data are Input 6 times!!!

With M18 ERP

Without M18 ERP

The same data is input once only!!!

Cut Your Order Fulfilment Process Costs by over 50%

Without M18 ERP

Without M18 ERP


With M18 ERP

Without M18 ERP


Minimize Your Order eCommerce Woes


Without M18 ERP

Customer Complaints due to Outdated Stock Level Information in eCommerce Sites


Without M18 ERP

Accounting reports always ignore real-time eCommerce orders


Without M18 ERP

Warehouse reports goods picking and delivery status manually error prone delivery process

M18 ERP Logo

With M18 ERP

eCommerce Site Stock Info Automatically updated by M18 ERP (pre-scheduled tasks)


With M18 ERP

Accounting reports always include real-time eCommerce orders


With M18 ERP

Warehouse uses M18 mobile app to perform goods picking real-time picking and delivery status update

Open Source eShop Template

Member Management

Unlimited levels of customer/member attribute
Batch customer/member attributes update

Brand Management

Allow the same product to be sold in multiple online stores
Same product can be sold in multiple online stores under different pricing / promotion plan

Price Management

Unlimited pricing rules
Fully utilize unlimited customer / member attribute in pricing rules
Fully utilize unlimited product attribute in pricing rules
Customer / Product / Website / Quantity / Amount / Date Specific Promotion Plan

Product Management

Unlimited levels of product attribute
Product multiple unit (UOM) management (pcs, doz, pal, etc.)
Batch product profile update

Online Store

Responsive Design

One online store for PC, tablet and smartphone. See demo

Soical Media Promotion

Product Specific Facebook ShareN1
Batch Instagram Product UploadN1
Product Specific Twitter ShareN1
Product Specific Weibo ShareN1

ERP Gateway

Product attribute, description and price changes monitored by comprehensive approval process
Single web order can be posted as multiple accounting vouchers in multiple companies
Automatic stock level update between ERP and online store(s)

Online Payment Gateway

Visa / Mastercard
Open account (Payment upon/after delivery)

Fully Integrated ERP with Real-time Reporting
Less Complaints
Happier Customers

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory update between online stores and ERP system
Support multiple UOM
Support multiple warehouses
Support multiple rows / bins per warehouse
Support lot no. management (essential to business with warranty management based on serial number, GSP, GMP, product expiry date control etc.)
Safety level, MOQ, available quantity…..unlimited user-defined quantity benchmarks with automatic alerts.
Stock take wizard
Seamless integration with finance module

Finance Management

Real-time update between online store and accounting modules (general ledger, customer deposit and accounts receivable)
Real-time update between physical shop and accounting modules (general ledger, customer deposit and accounts receivable)

Multiple Online Store Management

You can manage unlimited online stores, in different URLs, domain names under one single ERP.


Off-line Sales Management

Customer credit control
Group company customer handling
Multiple delivery address
Sales quotation, sales order, delivery note, sales invoice, packing list, sales return
Seamless integration with finance module

Procurement Management

Intelligent purchase order generation (not just copy-and-paste orders received)
Support partial shipment from vendors
Over-shipment control
Over-price control
Blacklisted vendor management
Purchase requisition, purchase order, goods receipt note, purchase invoice, purchase return
Seamless integration with finance module

Logistics Management

Support complicated post-order delivery (multiple delivery per order, multiple sales return per order)
Fully integrated with Vehicle Delivery Processing module (optional module in M18 ERP)
Inter-warehouse / shop stock transfer
Seamless integration with finance module

M18 is a Flexible and Scalable ERP and so is Your Business


Unlimited User-defined Business Processes

Your furniture business executes ‘quotation ⇨ order ⇨ delivery note ⇨ invoice’ operation but your parts
business deploys ‘order ⇨ invoice’ workflow. Meanwhile, your fashion business unit have both
‘quotation ⇨ invoice’ and ………ok, ok, ok!!!

You can define unlimited business processes to control your various mode of operation.

Once again, no program coding, no customization fee paid to us for software development. It all can be done by end-users.

Consolidation Reporting

You may own more than one company.

The same product / service may be sold through different business entities.

But you do not need to view N reports for product sales figures in N companies. M18 ERP comes with
built-in consolidation reporting feature. One single report gives you a full picture of your whole conglomerate.

Business Intelligence is Out!!! Modern Business Wants EBI (End-user Driven Business Intelligence)

No more costly implementation by so-called technology consultant.
No program code. No database query. User with minimal computer knowledge can create their own reports.

Open Architecture Allows You to Personalize Your Online Store, and Your ERP


Open CSS

You are free to modify the layout of your online store. Adding banner, page, blog etc. by your in-house
digital marketing team or outsourced web designer.

API-based Architecture

Over hundreds of ready-made APIs.
Integration with multiple brands of third party system.

User-defined Field

Not just user-defined fields in web orders. You can add user-defined fields in all transaction documents
within your finance, logistics, sales, procurement and inventory modules.

User-defined ERP Input Layout

Not just user-defined fields. You can tailor your own input interface and, you can tailor unlimited input
interfaces for the same business process!!!

Once again, no program coding, no customization fee paid to us for software development. It all can
be done by end-users.

Security, Security, Security!!!


256-bit Data Encryption

All data transmission are protected by 256-bit data encryption

Database Protected by TDE

Built-in TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) capability.
Without TDE, it is nonsense to talk about PCI-DSS. (Well, when you grow further bigger, you will know!!!)

Field Level Security

Administrator can choose to hide any field in any transaction from unauthorized users
(while the unauthorized users can still view other fields in the transaction)

Record Level Security

Administrator can choose to hide any record in any transaction database from unauthorized users
(while the unauthorized users can still view other records in the transaction database)

Multiable Serves Fortune 500 Clients for 20+ Years. So We Know You Need More…


Schedule Management

Manage your team’s timesheet in one single calendar
Event data guard – protect your confidential events from unauthorized users
Fully integrated with M18 – HCM (Leave and Attendance module)

Workflow Management

Define the approval path of any step within your business
Role-based approval setting
Approve / reject on the web and mobile phone

Document Management System

Find out any of your document by simple keyword search
Retrieve your important document wherever you are in a secured encrypted channel
Document download / share through web and smartphone
Document change control guarded by workflow

N1: Features to be available in 2017 Q3.

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